Roles & responsibilities of a Fashion BAA

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Roles & responsibilities of a Fashion BAA
1 Career opportunities
1.1 Trainee buyer
1.1.1 Buying admin assistant Attend fit sessions with our Technologists Provide support to senior members Follow up delivers and work with distribution team Work with Merchandiser’s Admin Assistant Work with in store teams to receive ideas and figures
1.2 Assistant buyer
1.3 Buyer
1.4 Senior buyer/Manager
1.5 Director
2 Roles & responsibilities
2.1 Daily tasks and duties
2.1.1 Managing stock levels
2.1.2 Meeting suppliers and reporting back
2.1.3 Managing appointments and samples
2.1.4 Puling rails for meetings
2.1.5 Chasing suppliers for bulk fabrics and trims
2.1.6 Database administration
2.2 Working within a specific area
2.3 Analysing sales and budgets
2.4 Tracking trends and future trends
2.5 Working to tight deadlines
2.6 Pitching ideas
2.7 Admin duties
2.8 Diary management
2.9 Responding to emails and calls
2.10 Collating and preparing meeting samples
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