Roles & Responsibilities and Community Breakdown

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Roles & Responsibilities and Community Breakdown

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    Roles and Responsibilities
    Roles: tasks people are expected to perform in a community. Roles are another characteristic of communities. Roles are special tasks people are expected to perform as members of a community. In human communities no one person has all the gifts or talents necessary for an entire community to work effectively. Everyone must co-operate. They must carry out their particular role for the benefit of the rest of the community.
    List a role and the responsibilities associated with that role for each of the following: School - Role____ Responsibility.________________ Family - Role____ Responsibility________________ Team - Role_____ Responsibility________________ Parish - Role_____ Responsibility_______________

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    Community Breakdown
    Community breakdown: disruption in a group due to poor communication, lack of co-operation and failure to carry out roles responsibly.What happens when breakdown occurs in the relationship between family members, friends or team mates?What steps can be taken to resolve matters when relationships within a community break down?Compromise means working together to find an answer to a problem, an answer which is fair to everyone.
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