Industrial Revolution

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Industrial Revolution
1 Domestic System
1.1 Clothier buys wool from farmer
1.1.1 Villagers turn wool into cloth Work however long as long as they meet there deadline Clothier collects cloth Cloth gets died in wee!
2 Inventions
2.1 Flying Shuttle - John Kay - 1733
2.1.1 Spinning Jenny - James Hargreaves - 1767 Water Frame - Richard Arkwright - 1769 Can't fit in houses so factories are made to fit them in
3 Mining
3.1 Chalk Damp - suffocation
3.1.1 Fire Damp - methane explosion Caving In Flooding
3.2 Miner - Digs Coal
3.2.1 Trapper - Opens trapdoor for carts Bearer - Puts coal into wagons Drawer - brings coal to surface
3.3 Bell, Drift Shaft
4 Factories
4.1 Noisy so people become deaf
4.2 Children made to clean machinery, get tangled in it
4.3 Beaten up and forced to work most of the day
4.4 No Safety
4.5 People move from countryside to towns
4.6 Near a water supply for steam; river
4.7 Robert Peel the nice guy
4.8 Canal or train-track nearby for transporting goods
4.9 Factory owner lives on the site of factory in his large house
5 Transport
5.1 Canals
5.1.1 Some slow, some fast.
5.1.2 Could dry up in hot summers
5.1.3 Cheap to make and use
5.1.4 Transport heavy/delicate goods
5.1.5 Quicker than some roads
5.1.6 Freeze in winter
5.1.7 Not for human transport
5.2 Rail
5.2.1 Rainhill Trials Won by George Stephenson's Rocket
5.2.2 George Stephenson developed: Liverpool - Manchester Stockton - Darlingon
5.2.3 Navvies work on traintracks
5.3 Road
5.3.1 John McAdams - added tar to roads hence TarMac Thomas Telford also designed roads Better roads needed because goods got broken in wagons
5.3.2 Turnpike Trust - businessmen who own a road Turnpike Road - road owned by Turnpike Trust Toll - fee paid to us a road Toll Keeper - person who collects the toll
6 Town Life
6.1 Cholera
6.1.1 Men who drank beer, didn't get cholera because they didn't drink water
6.1.2 Spreads through dirty water
6.2 Back-to-back houses
6.2.1 4 families per house; sometimes a 5th in the cellar
6.2.2 Near factory
6.3 Overcrowded
6.4 Up to 50 people use toilet
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