Inventions in Industrial Revolution

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I small mind map around five inventions in the Industrial Revolution.

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Inventions in Industrial Revolution
  1. Spinning Jenny
    1. James Hargreaves
      1. 1764
        1. Used 8 spools instead of 1
          1. Used for harvested cotton
          2. Water Frame
            1. Richard Arkwright
              1. 1769
                1. Automatic machine that produced spun cotton threads
                  1. Powered by water wheels
                  2. Spinning Mule
                    1. Samuel Crompton
                      1. 1779
                        1. Hybrid of Water Frame and Spinning Jenny
                          1. Produced softer fabric
                          2. Flying Shuttle
                            1. John Kay
                              1. 1733
                                1. 4x faster than normal shuttle
                                  1. Allowed wider fabrics to be woven
                                  2. Power Loom
                                    1. Edmund Cartwright
                                      1. 1785
                                        1. Mechanical loom
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