Causation + Remoteness

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Causation + Remoteness
1 Factual Causation
1.1 The pursuer must prove factual causation
1.2 The 'but for' test can be used, but problems with ommissions
1.2.1 Barnett v Chelsea and Kensington Hospital Management Committee
2 Material Contribution
2.1 Need a balance of probabilities - Wardlaw v Bonnington Castings Ltd
2.2 McGhee v NCB. No difference between increasing risk and materially contributing
3 Addressing the atribution problem
3.1 Fairchild v Glenhaven Funeral Services
3.2 Parameters of Fairchild exception
3.3 1. Duty intended to protect employees
3.4 2. Intended to create civil right
3.5 3. Greater exposure to asbestos, greater risk of injury
3.6 4. Cannot prove which dust is guilty
3.7 5. Employee contracted disease which he should have been protected from
4 Legal Causation
4.1 Novus actus inteveniens
4.1.1 An external event, conduct of 3rd party, conduct of victim themselves
4.2 A new delict needs to occur.
4.3 Reasonable forseeability of victims actions - Sayers v Harlow Urban District Council
5 Remoteness of damage
5.1 Prevents wrongdoer from having to pay results of wrongdoing
5.2 The grand rule
5.2.1 1. Damages directly and naturally arising
5.2.2 2.Reasonable foreseeability
5.2.3 Which rule has priority? Result: not liable for things unforeseeable, must take victim as they find them, novus actus interveniens
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