Case Study: Sea Defences - Minehead

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Created by danthomas1 over 6 years ago
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Case Study: Sea Defences - Minehead
1 Hard Engineering
1.1 Sea wall
1.1.1 Curved edge to deter people from walking on it
1.1.2 Red walls to improve aesthetic appearance
1.1.3 0.6m high
1.2 Groynes
1.2.1 Rock
1.2.2 4
1.2.3 To capture sediment & prevent longshore drift making an impact on the coastline
1.3 Rock armour
1.3.1 Built to protect the sea wall
1.3.2 Placed at the base of the cliff to dissipate wave energy
2 Soft Engineering
2.1 Beach Nourishment
2.1.1 Built the beach up by 2m Allows tourists to enjoy more sandy beaches
3 Pre-1997
3.1 Existing sea defences needed upgrading
3.2 Potential storm damage of £21 million
3.3 Environmental Agency planning to protect both the coastline and the amenity value of Minehead
4 Post-1997
4.1 £12.3 million spent on the plan to upgrade the sea defences
4.1.1 Largely funded by Butlins
4.2 Completed in 2001
5 Outcome
5.1 Successful - all of the defences appear to be effective
5.2 £12.3m much cheaper than reparing storm damages (£21m)
5.3 Improved disabled access
5.4 New walkway improves facilities for tourists

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