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Mind Map on THE BRAIN, created by Hugo Cantero Parra on 10/29/2017.

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1 Trans and saturated fats endanger the health of our brain
1.1 Proteins and amino acids manipulate us we feel and behave
1.1.1 The amino acids contain precursors of neurotransmitters they are chemical messengers that carry signals between neurons
1.1.2 They affect the mood, sleep, weight, attention ...
2 The greater part is formed by lipids.
2.1 The rest for proteins, amino acids, traces of micronutrients and glucose.
3 Each component has a functioning in the state animic and energy.
3.1 For example: Apathy after eat, are the effects of food to your brain
4 The super star fats are Omega 3 and 6 which are essential fatty acids
4.1 Food with high content omega like seeds, fruits dry, fish fats ... They are crucial for the menbranas cell
5 A diet with a balanced range of varied foods helps maintain a brain messenger combination
5.1 The brain benefits from a constant supply of micronutrients
5.2 The antioxidants in fruits and vegetables help the brain and allow it to work well for a longer time
5.2.1 Without powerful micronutrients like the vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid our brain would be superceasing to brain diseases and mental deterioration
6 Traces of minerals such as iron, zinc, copper and sodium they are essential for the brain.
6.1 For the brain to function well, it needs nutrients; the brain uses 20% of energy products
7 Most of the carbohydrates that our body digests comes from glucose and blood sugar
7.1 Hay 3 tipos de carbohidratos
7.1.1 Starch
7.1.2 Sugar
7.1.3 Fiber
7.2 Foods with high glycemic content cause rapid glucose release and then a fall and with it our capacity for attention and encouragement
7.3 Foods like oats, grains, legumes; they have Slower glucose release level of anticipation and encouragement constants
8 To maintain the brain level you have to have a diet varied with nutrients rich in nutrients.
8.1 Think what you eat you will damage the most powerful organ of your body
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