Cold War Timeline

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Created by jacksearle over 5 years ago
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Cold War Timeline
1 Early Events
1.1 1945 Yalta Conference


  • -Stalin Churchill Roosevelt - Personal relationship still strong enough to make some significant agreements - Main source of disagreement was over Poland Agreements reached: -Establishing of UN -Division of Germany, Berlin and Austria into zones of occupation - The principle of free elections in East Europe - The setting of the borders of post-war Poland so that substantial areas were given to USSR
1.1.1 1945 Potsdam Conference


  • Stalin Truman Churchill - Truman new anti- comm president -Churchill replaced whilst conference was happening by Attlee Marked severe cooling in relations - no significant agreements made 6 August 1945 Atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima 5 March 1946 Churchill Iron Curtain Speech at Fulton 1946 Baruch Plan Failed March 1947 Truman Doctrine Launched June 1947 Marshall Plan Established February 1948 Communist Coup in Czech June 1948 Berlin Blockade begins April 1949 NATO set up August 1949 - USSR tests atomic bom Feb 1950 Sino-Soviet Alliance signed 25 June 1950 Korean War Begins Nov 1952 - US tests Hydrogen bomb 5 March 1953 Death of Stalin
2 1953-1960
2.1 27 July 1953 End of Korean War
2.1.1 July 1954 Geneva Agreement on Indochina September 1954 1st Taiwan Straits Crisis develops 1954 Khrushchev's first visit to China 1955 USA first intercontinental bombers May 1955 Warsaw Pact set up July 1955 - Geneva Summit (Khrushchev and Eisenhower) Feb 1956 - Khrushchev's secret speech 1956 USSR first TU20 bear (intercontinental bomber) November 1956 Soviet troops invade Hungary Sputnik 1957 Nov 1957 Eisenhower warned of Missile Gap 1958 Khrushchev criticises Great Leap Forwar 1958 2nd Berlin Crisis August 1958 2nd Taiwan Straits Crisis June 1959 Sino-Soviet agreement on atomic cooperation cancelled May 1960 U2 spy plane incident 1959 Cuban Revolution
3 1960-1970
3.1 Jan 1961 JFK becomes president
3.1.1 12 April 1961 - Yuri Gugarin first man in space 17-20 April 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion June 1961 Vienna Summit - (Khrushchev and Kennedy) August 1961 Berlin Wall erected October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis June 1963 Hot Line telephone link/nuclear test ban treaty October 1964 - China first nuclear bomb test August 1968 Soviets invade Czechoslovakia March 1969 Sino-Soviet Border clashes at Damansky Island
4 1970 - End of Cold War
4.1 Nixon visits China 1972
4.1.1 May 1972 Salt I agreed July 1975 Apollo Soyuz Link up August 1975 Helsinki Accords Signed 1979 Salt II signed (Not ratified) December 1979 - Soviets Invade Afghanistan December 1980 - Martial Law imposed in Poland in response to Solidarity 1983 SDI launched March 1985 - Gorbachev becomes Soviet Leader December 1987 Washington Summit (Reagan and Gorbachev) 1989 - Collapse of communist regimes in East Europe 9 November 1989 - Berlin Wall Opened October 1990 Reunification of Germany 25 December 1991 - End of USSR

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