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Ecosystems by: Chase
1 Ecosystems are areas in which animals live in a limited area of space.
1.1 Protection---Animals live here for protection from other animals, also to hunt other animals.
1.1.1 Safe---Some animals live near other species to stay safe from other predators. Work Together---Animals also work together and some benefit or some get hurt this is called mutualism, commensalism and parasitism
2 Collapsing---All animals are needed in an ecosystem if any animals goes extinct in that area, the ecosystem will collapse.
2.1 Animals Rely---Some animals rely on other animals to get food, then they can feast on the scraps, others get the food for the animals.
2.1.1 Balance---Animals eat other animals in the ecosystem to maintain a balance of the amount of animals. Safe---Most animals live in ecosystem to be able to eat sleep and be safe.
3 Creatures---Ecosystems are where water creatures land creatures desert creatures live.
3.1 Types---There are certain types of ecosystems that hold different species of animals you might find a lizard in the desert and a deer in the forest it all depends on the ecosystem.
3.1.1 Adaptations---Some ecosystems had certain things for certain animals and those animals have adaptations there so they can live past predators or drought. Instinct---Animals who live in there designated area have instinct they know there surrounding and that is why they live in certain areas.
3.2 Sunlight---Some ecosystems have lot's of sunlight and some have none at all some are in the marsh some are in the marsh.
3.2.1 Locations---The most amazing things about ecosystems are where you can find them they could be in a pitch black cave or a sunny plains. Ecosystems Help---Ecosystems have lot's of things that help the animals around them for example food and water. Pollution---Some people pollute these areas with their trash and it ruined the air quality and some animals eat the trash causing them to die.
4 Habitats---Some ecosystems have habitats in trees grass burrows and much more each of these are a different species.
4.1 All Creatures---These ecosystems have the habitats for all the creatures that live there mostly because if it did not no animals would be there.
4.1.1 Plants---Ecosystems have lot's of plants and shrubbery for habitats as well along with stone and rocks. Destruction---Some people go and destroy these habitats with deforestation and drilling destroying the animals homes.
5 Both Types---Abiotic/Biotic creature are a big thing in ecosystems an abiotic creature is non-living like a stone or the ground abiotic things are what keep animals safe.
5.1 Biotic---Biotic creatures are living like a tree or a bird or an animal, us as humans are biotic things.
5.1.1 Difference---Biotic and abiotic are different because non-living things need no food are water or even shelter but living things need it to survive. Biotic---Biotic things live in ecosystems abiotic things are there but there only purpose is shelter.
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