social model of health

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social model of health
1 definition
1.1 a conceptual frame work within which improvements in health and well being are achieved by directing efforts towards addressing the social ,economic and environmental determinants of health. the model is based on the understanding that in order for health gains to occur, social , economic and environemntal determinants.
2 A A A I E
2.1 Addresses broader determinants of health
2.1.1 health promotion has usually focused on a range of behaviours that cause biologicla risks. it is however social, economic and environmental factors that also determine health. eg. gender, unemployment, housing, location , physical environment .
2.2 acts to reduce social enequities
2.2.1 the need to ensure there is equity amongst population groups within the population and ensure everyone has access to health care
2.3 acts to enable access to health care
2.3.1 inforamtion about health needs to be available to all. this can be determined by social, economic or environmental reasons, such as location, money and knowledge , etc.
2.4 involves intersectional collaboration
2.4.1 action needs to be taken by different government deparntments and the private sectors to make improvements , not just by the health sector.
2.5 empowers individuals and communities.
2.5.1 empowerment is the process through which people gain greater control over decisions and actions affecting their health. individual empowerment- decisons over ones own life. community empowerment- individuals acting collectively to gain greater control over determinants of health and the quality of life in their community
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