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Electronic Communications
1 Email
1.1 Information and Communication Technology has improved reach an range of electronic communication (EC)
1.1.1 Reach: Level of communication across a network
1.1.2 Range: Types of data transfer available
1.2 The simplest form of EC and has a comparatively low level of reach and range when it is used for messaging or transferring documents. However, it has proved invaluable to designers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers, due to ease of use and widespread access through internet connections.
1.3 There are issues of security and privacy when using e-mail and limitations on the size of attachments, restricting its use.
1.4 Advanatges
1.4.1 Quick
1.4.2 Easy
1.4.3 Widespread usage
1.4.4 E-mails can be saved as a data record
1.4.5 Documents can be easily attached
1.5 Disadvantages
1.5.1 Impersonal
1.5.2 Messages misinterpreted
1.5.3 Spam
1.5.4 Privacy and security
1.5.5 Influx of messages = increased time reading & responding
1.5.6 Limitations of attachment sizes
2 Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
2.1 EDI isa new way for companies to do 'paperless' business using a process that transfers business documents through a computer network, rather than via postal systems.
2.2 Fast
2.3 Inexpensive
2.4 Secure system for sending purchase orders, invoices, design and manufacturing data.
2.5 The transfer of files requires that the sender and receiver agree on a standard document format for the document to be sent by, e.g. PDF, Word or CAD
2.6 Advantages
2.6.1 Saves money
2.6.2 Saves time
2.6.3 Improves customer service => documents transferred quickly w/ fewer errors
2.6.4 Expands customer base due to improved customer service through efficient EDI process
2.7 Disadvantages
2.7.1 Incompatibility w/ some companies due to range of standard document format
2.7.2 Standards updated regularly, which causes problems with different versions in use
2.7.3 Expensive initial set-up
2.7.4 Limits trading to companies who have EDI
3 Integrated Services Digital Networks and Broadband
3.1 Huge amounts of information can be transferred across computer networks at far greater speeds than ever before
3.2 Enter text here
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