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It's not a Mock test for PMP® Exam. It's meant to give Managers an idea of the type of questions asked in the PMP® Exam, the PMI-PMBOK guidelines and the best strategy to answer the questions. It will also help you relate your day-to-day work and decisions with the PMI approach. After the test you can see the correct answer with explanations. For queries or discussions write to

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Question 1

1. You are the project manager for a high visibility project. The margin on this project is low, and it is extremely important that the cost estimates for the work on the project be accurate. While reviewing the cost estimates for this project you notice that one of the cost estimates for an element in the WBS is 10% higher than two previous projects for very similar work. What should you do?
  • A. Accept the estimate because you trust all of the people on your project team, and they are responsible for estimates
  • B. Reduce the estimate and add the additional budget to the management reserve
  • C. Ask the person responsible for the estimate to explain the difference and bring supporting information to you
  • D. Reduce the estimate and add the additional budget to the contingency reserve

Question 2

In managing international, multinational and transnational projects, all of the following could present communication challenges, except:
  • A. Cultural communication matrix analyses
  • B. Misinterpretation of body language
  • C. Language and educational differences
  • D. Lack of trust

Question 3

A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a new product or service is called a ______.
  • A. New product development
  • B. Project
  • C. Program
  • D. Enterprise

Question 4

With respect to global projects, which of the following is the most accurate?
  • A. ISO standards suggest that identified third world countries generally have unstable economies and should not be sanctioned to host projects with estimated duration greater than one-year.
  • B. Project performance reports should be prepared and distributed using the language of the host country.
  • C. To compensate for time-zone differences, project team members should establish staggered work hours to ensure that the team always works simultaneously.
  • D. Usage of the PMBOK® Guide could provide a common language to help facilitate breaking some project barriers.

Question 5

Which type of project cost estimate is the most accurate?
  • A. Preliminary
  • B. Definitive
  • C. Order of magnitude
  • D. Conceptual

Question 6

Changes to the project are common in certain types of projects, especially when they involve new technology. Project modifications should be reflected in the______ .
  • A. Project management plan
  • B. Quality control document
  • C. Lessons learned document
  • D. Quality control audit report

Question 7

Each time the client or the project sponsor requests a change to the project, the project manager asks the team to do an impact analysis and then calls a meeting of the change control board. Which of the following statements is true?
  • A. This action depicts a collaborative style of management
  • B. This action is typical of a professionally nervous project manager
  • C. This action depicts a sound project change control discipline
  • D. This action is necessary when there is a lack of "Integrated Project Management Information System"

Question 8

Your project has changes to the project charter. Who has the primary responsibility to decide if these changes are necessary?
  • A. The Project manager
  • B. The Project team
  • C. The Stakeholders
  • D. The Sponsor

Question 9

You are the project manager for a seller who has been selected to construct an industrial kitchen for a large food service company. Before the contract negotiations, the buyer confides in you that design is not finalized, and they want you to begin work with incomplete specifications. What type of contract should you ask for during contract negotiations?
  • A. Fixed price
  • B. Cost plus incentive fee
  • C. Time & Materials
  • D. Cost plus fixed fee

Question 10

Which of the following the project manager is not responsible for?
  • A. Predicting materials required
  • B. Predicting equipment required
  • C. Predicting work required
  • D. Predicting project performance

Question 11

You observe that a team member is repeatedly completing tasks with errors, resulting in rework. On investigation of the past track record, it is established that the individual does not have a skill gap. What should the project manager do?
  • A. Ask for a replacement from the functional manager
  • B. Report this non-performance to the functional manager
  • C. Adjust the schedule to provide for extended durations for tasks assigned to the individual
  • D. Discuss the concern with the individual to figure out the cause

Question 12

After a schedule change in a project, the total float is calculated to be less then zero. This tells us ______.
  • A. The next activity will take less time to finish
  • B. The project team can take some time off
  • C. The critical path work is ahead of schedule but the other work is behind schedule.
  • D. Project will experience a delay

Question 13

Which of the following would facilitate a larger participation of sellers against an invitation to bid?
  • A. A Bidders' conference
  • B. Advertising
  • C. A Letter of intent
  • D. Using a single source order

Question 14

Which of the following is not true about project charter?
  • A. Project charter is written by the Project Manager.
  • B. Project charter defines the purpose of the project
  • C. Identifies and authorizes the Project Manager
  • D. Project charter is authorized by Executive Management

Question 15

Which of the following is the BEST example of a reward system?
  • A. The team member who works the hardest will receive $1000
  • B. Everyone will get a bonus of $500 if the project meets its quality goals, $500 if it meets its budget goals, and $600 if it comes in on time.
  • C. The five team members who put in the most hours will get a trip to Disneyland.
  • D. The team will only get a bonus if the project comes in 50% under budget, schedule and quality metric goals. Even though the team leads know this goal is unrealistic, they agree that it will motivate the team to work harder.

Question 16

While you are in the execution phase of a project, a hurricane caused power outages just when the upgrade was near completion of first phase. When the power was restored, all the project reports and historical data were lost with no way of retrieving them caused by the power and flooding situation. What should have been done to mitigate this risk?
  • A. Buy insurance
  • B. Plan for a reserve fund
  • C. Monitor the weather and have a contingency plan
  • D. Schedule the installation outside of the hurricane season

Question 17

When is the right time to conduct quality assurance audits in an ongoing project?
  • A. At the starting of the planning phase
  • B. At regular intervals throughout the project life cycle
  • C. In the execution phase
  • D. At the closure of the project

Question 18

The project manager for a construction project discovers that the local city council will vote on a zoning change that would open up a new neighborhood to commercial building. She contacts other construction companies in the area that would benefit from the change to ask them to attend the council meeting in order to convince the city council to vote for the change. A “Yes” vote will benefit all of the companies. This is an example of which risk response strategy?
  • A. Mitigate
  • B. Share
  • C. Exploit
  • D. Enhance

Question 19

Your team has identified a risk with some of the chemicals you are using on your highway construction project. It is really difficult to mix them just right and, based on past projects, you’ve figured out that there’s a high probability that about 14% of the chemical supply will be lost in mixing problems. You decide to buy an extra 15% of the chemicals up front so that you will be prepared for those losses and your project won’t be delayed. Which response strategy are you using?
  • A. Avoid
  • B. Accept
  • C. Mitigate
  • D. Transfer

Question 20

You are trying to decide whether or not to contract out a construction job. To do it within your company, you will have to hire an engineer for $35,000 and pay a construction team $15,000 per week. A Contractor quotes you a price of $ 19,000 per week, and your expert agrees that you will not be able to find a price lower than that. The job will take 16 weeks.
  • A. Pay the contractor to do the job
  • B. Select a Time & Material Contract
  • C. Do not contract out this job. Hire the engineer and pay the construction team to do the work
  • D. Make sure the contract has a force majeure clause.
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