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1 In situ (natural environment)
1.1 Protected area such as national parks and nature reserves
1.2 Protecting habitats, restoring damaged areas
1.3 PROS: The species and habitat are conserved, a large number can be protected and less disruptive.
1.4 CONS: Difficult to control predators like poachers and climate change
2 Ex situ (outside natural environment)
2.1 Relocating species to a new area
2.2 Breeding them in captivity then reintroducing them to the wild
2.3 Botanic garden and seed banks
2.4 PROS: Control over predators in a controlled environment.
2.5 CONS: Only a small number can be protected, it's expensive and difficult. Species cannot breed successfully or don't adapt
3 International cooperatiom
3.1 Rio Convention on Biodiversity
3.1.1 Develop international strategies on the conservation of biodiversity and how to use plant and animal resources in a sustainable way
3.1.2 Part of the international law that conserving biodiversity is everyone's responsibility
3.1.3 Provides guidance to governments on how to conserve biodiversity
3.2 CITES Agreement
3.2.1 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species
3.2.2 Regulate trade in wild animal and plant specimens
3.2.3 Make it illegal to kill endangered species
3.2.4 Make it illegal to trade in products made from endangered species
3.2.5 Educate and raise awareness
4 Environmental Impact Assessment
4.1 Estimates biodiversity on the project site and evaluate how the development may affect biodiversity
4.2 Identify ways biodiversity can be conserved
4.3 Identify any endangered or threatened species
4.4 Decide on planning stipulation i.e relocating or protecting endangered species
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