Art basics: elements, principles and analysis

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Art basics: elements, principles and analysis
1 Analysis
1.1 Aesthetics
1.1.1 Identifies the criteria of judgement in art.
1.2 Aesthetitian
1.2.1 One who analyses the natural beauty in nature and art.
2 Elements
2.1 Visual communication through art
2.1.1 Theme: what is it about?
2.1.2 Means: resources used to make it
2.1.3 Style: individual expression from the artist
2.1.4 Composition: unity between the elements
2.1.5 Format: general design
2.2 Artistic elements
2.2.1 Color: intensity, hue; needs light to exist
2.2.2 Value: amount of white or black added to original color
2.2.3 Light: related to intensity, emphasis
2.2.4 Line: direction of movement
2.2.5 Texture: the feel at touch.
2.2.6 Shape: 2 dimensions
2.2.7 Form: 3 dimensions
2.2.8 Space: distance and depth
3 Principles
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