Being Ill

Joanne Read
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Mind Map on Being Ill, created by Joanne Read on 05/29/2013.

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Being Ill
1 Anwar
1.1 Diabetic
1.2 Muslim
1.3 First languages, punjabi and Urdu
2 Wellbeing flucuates
3 Biological
3.1 Body not seeming right
4 Social
4.1 Stopping of normal life
5 Idea
5.1 Break
5.2 Rest
5.3 Take medication
5.4 Seek expert advise
6 Not in a normal state of health
7 The Sick Role
7.1 Parsons
7.2 Temporary excerpt for ordinary life
7.3 A state of illness not regarded as the sick personsfault
7.4 Expectations that advice sought from a tecnically competent Heath professional
8 Different perspectives, not seen as being ill
9 Psychological
9.1 Everyone reads body signals differently
10 Illness involves coming to terms with personal consequences of taking on the sick role
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