Shot Size (Moving Image Arts)

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Listing Shot Size / Camera Angles

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Shot Size (Moving Image Arts)
1 Close-Up
1.1 Extreme Close-Up (ECU)
1.2 Big Close-Up (BCU)
1.3 Medium Close-Up (MCU)
1.4 Close-Up (CU)
2 Long Shot
2.1 Medium Long Shot (MLS)
2.2 Long Shot (LS)
2.3 Extreme Long Shot (ELS) / Very Long Shot (VLS)
3 Room
3.1 Walking Room
3.1.1 Moving Subject Walks into space
3.2 Looking Room
3.2.1 Interviewee looks into space in the frame, towards the interviewer
4 Other Types Of Shot
4.1 Two Shot
4.1.1 Could Be a close-up or Long Shot
4.2 Over the shoulder
5 Camera Angle
5.1 High Angle
5.2 Low Angle
5.3 Canted / Dutch / Tilted Frame

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