Drama Preparation

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Drama Preparation
1 Time Period
1.1 Late 70s
2 Aims For Final Performance
2.1 To leave the audience wanting to know more.
2.2 Leave the audience petrified.
2.3 For the cast to remember the sequence of acts.
2.4 Have the play running smoothly without confusion.
3 What Are We Proud Of?
3.1 Leaving the audience questioning the characters.
3.2 Creating a scary atmosphere.
3.3 Remembering the sequence of the acts.
4 Genre
4.1 Horror
4.2 Thriller
4.3 Drama
5 Characters.
5.1 Happy/ cute girl
5.1.1 Turns scary. Audience learns she has a mental problem.
5.2 The other characters are multirolling.
5.2.1 Start off as circus machinery (ferris wheel, cotton candy stall etc.)
5.2.2 Towards the end they become crazy zombies who try to kill the young girl.
5.2.3 At the end the girl is suddenly lying in her own bed in her home screaming from the 'dream she had'. What she doesn't know is that the zombie-like creatures are waiting for her behind her bed.
6 First Ideas
6.1 We weren't sure how we were going to create the scary atmosphere.
6.2 We came up with the idea of the circus fair because we would be able to create a contrast with the happy atmosphere with the giggling of children and the scary atmosphere of the clowns and haunted house.
6.3 We decided we could use the movie "The Orphan" as inspiration, using the idea of a happy young girl who turns out to be violent and frightening.
6.4 We decided that to create the circus atmosphere we bring in the concept of Physical Theatre.
6.4.1 We could act out machinery by the noises we could make. To help us with this we decided to put a characteristic on that piece of machinery. E.g. Cotton Candy would be hyper, high pitched, fast, friendly.
7 Vocal Ideas.
7.1 To make the Zombies sound creepy we thought that everything they would say be a question and that their voices would be high pitched.
7.2 The young girl's voice would be relativily normal but a bit faster and then as she began to become scary her voice would become low and slow.
8 What wasn't working.
8.1 We wanted the machinery to catch fire but we were not sure how to portray fire ( we thought that if we just flapped our arms about it would be funny for the audience?)
8.1.1 Machinery would scream and act just like if a persons hair caught on fire.
8.2 The zombies movements.
8.2.1 Needed to be a lot slower.
9 Target Audience
9.1 13-18 Young Adults.
10 Style
10.1 Non Naturalistic
11 What Would You Change
11.1 To start off the play, instead of going straight into the circus scene, I would show her coming out of a mental home. This would tell the audience that she was not a normal girl.
11.2 The Zombies should keep chanting the same question at the girl that would make her angry. E.g Why did you kill her?
12 Title
12.1 The Girl who Screamed.
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