GENETICS overview

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General overview of genetics

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GENETICS overview
1 YO MendeL!!!
1.1 By the power vested in me.... I deduce LAWS!!!
1.1.1 Law of independent assortment
1.2 Simple genetics
2 wait...WHAT'S genetics?
2.1 it's all in the genes...
2.1.1 how it's made... meiosis mitosis cell cycle... just when ya think that interphase is gd for nothin'... cell division basically,,, MAHN is this mindmap pretty
2.1.2 DNA & RNA structure
2.1.3 The process... DNA replication DNA to protein transcription translation
3 Advanced genetics
3.1 beyond mendel
3.1.1 only alleles for a SINGLE gene incomplete dominance co-dominance mutiple alleles pleiotropy when 1 gene, can affect many characteristics. like a BAWSE
3.1.2 when TWO or more genes r inv, in det a particular pheno epistasis POLYgenic inheritance wen 2/more genes can affect 1 pheno aka d OPPOSITE of pleiotropy prod QUANTITATIVE characters. ie MANY/continuous variation eg skin colour. v dark (AABBCC), intermediate (AaBbCc) ,v light (aabbcc) etc.. cumulative effect like a BOSS
3.2 lethal alleles
3.3 sex-limited & sex influenced inheritance
4 how EXACTLY does the chromosomal basis... TRANSMIT GENES frm parents to offspring?
4.1 linkage recombinatn n mapping
5 "I'm too awesome for the status quo" important EXCEPTIONS... to d STANDARD MODE OF INHERITANCE
5.1 sex determinatn n sex chrom
5.2 when genes rebel...
5.2.1 chromosome mutations (like hot pyro) aneuploidy n polploidy
5.2.2 EXTRACHROMOSOMAL inheritance organelle heredity, & maternal effect MITOchondrial DNA, genomic imprinting & fragile-X syndrome

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