GCSE AQA Biology 1 Variation, Genetics & Reproduction

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Mind map showing information about variation caused by genetic and environmental factors, genetics and sexual and asexual reproduction

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GCSE AQA Biology 1 Variation, Genetics & Reproduction
1 Variation
1.1 Genetic
1.1.1 Characteristics similar to parents' Genes inherited from parents
1.1.2 Some genes from mother, some from father
1.1.3 No 2 members of species identical (apart from identical twins)
1.2 Environmental
1.2.1 Differences that have been caused by conditions organism lives in
1.3 Characteristics affected by genetic & environmental factors...
2 Genes, chromosomes and DNA
2.1 Cells have nucleus - contains genetic info in form of chromosomes
2.1.1 Human cell nucleus contains 23 pairs of chromosomes Chromosomes carry genes - genes control development of different characteristics Gene is short length of chromosome, which is long length of DNA - can be diffferent versions of same gene (alleles) DNA coiled up to form arms of chromosome
3 Sexual reproduction
3.1 Fusion of male & female gametes - 2 parents so offspring contain mixture of parents' genes
3.1.1 Each gamete contains 23 chromosomes When fertilised, form cell with full number of chromosomes
3.2 Offspring inherits features from both parents - produces variation
4 Asexual reproduction
4.1 Only 1 parent
4.2 No fusion of gametes
4.3 No mixing of chromosomes/no genetic variation
4.4 Offspring are genetically identical (clones)
4.5 How plant & animals grow/produce replacement cells
4.6 Some organisms produce offspring using asexual reproduction (bacteria & certain plants)