specific dietary requirements

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specific dietary requirements
1 babies
1.1 first 6 months
1.1.1 bottle/breast fed advantages of breast feeding sterile right temp. bonding between mother & baby antibodies passed to baby
1.2 after 6 months need iron& vit.C
1.2.1 weaning -start to eat solid foods puree/mash food no salt/sugar
2 children
2.1 protein-growth
2.1.1 meat, fish
2.2 carbohydrates- energy
2.2.1 avoid sugar- prevents obesity
2.2.2 pasta,rice
2.3 calcium, vitamin D, phoshourous-bones & teeth
2.3.1 milk,cheese
2.4 limit fat -avoids obesity
2.5 iron-healthy blood
2.5.1 red meat,dark green veg.
2.6 vitamin C-absorbs iron
2.6.1 fruit/veg.
2.7 small, attractive portions
3 adolescents
3.1 water-healthy skin
3.2 iron -prevents anaemia-esp. girls
3.3 same nutrients as children
3.4 eating disorders
3.4.1 anorexia very under weight, vomitting, laxatives excess hair grows, periods may stop
3.4.2 bulimia near normal weight, vomiting , tooth decay, dehydration, periods may stop
4 adults
4.1 same nutrients as children
4.2 protein-repair
4.3 avoid salt/saturated fat -prevents CHD,diabetes
4.4 limit alcohol,don't smoke
5 elderly
5.1 easy to digest protein e.g. fish -cell renewal
5.2 avoid salt/saturated fat -prevents CHD,diabetes
5.3 vitamin A-healthy eyes
5.4 calcium,vit. D-prevent osteoporosis
6 pregnancy
6.1 fibre-prevents constipation
6.2 folate/folic acid
6.2.1 prevents spina bifida-fortified cereals
6.3 same nutrients as children
6.4 don't smoke/drink, avoid salt, raw eggs,pate
7 convalescents
7.1 less calories as inactive
7.2 vitamin C-heals wounds
7.3 protein -repair
7.4 food prep-good hygiene
7.5 water=prevents dehydrations
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