Food Groups

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Food Groups
1 Carbohydrates (starch
1.1 Bread, potatoes, cereals, pasta
1.2 Energy, Weak, no energy
2 Proteins
2.1 Fish, Meat, Eggs
2.2 Building cells
2.2.1 (vital for growth and repair) takes longer for cuts to heal.
3 Fats
3.1 Bread, Cream, Oil, Sugar
3.2 Energy, Insulation
3.2.1 Fats for store of energy which are used when body runs out of carbohydrates.
4 Vitamins
4.1 A, B1, B2, C, D, E
4.2 Fruit, Vegetables, Cereal
4.3 Need only small amounts and keep vital processes occuring.
4.3.1 Keeps gums and skin healthy Scurvy
5 Minerals
5.1 Iron, Calcium, Sodium, Iodine
5.2 Meat, Milk/Dairy, salt, sea food
5.3 Get rickets
5.3.1 Help the blood, teeth, bones, nerves, thyroid in the neck.
6 Roughage / Fibre
6.1 Vegetable, fruit, cereal
6.2 Roughage keeps the digestive system working properly.
6.2.1 If you don't have enough, you develop constipation
7 Water
7.1 Water, soup, Drinks
7.2 75% of one's body is made out of water and all chemical reactions take place in water, example, digestion.
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