The Outback

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Year 10 English Sm 1 (Landscape and identity - extended response) Mind Map on The Outback, created by marion.wilson on 06/01/2013.

Created by marion.wilson over 6 years ago
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The Outback
1 How is it portrayed in Literiture
1.1 Who Portrays it?
1.1.1 Poets
1.1.2 Authors
1.1.3 Film makers
1.2 Adjectives
1.2.1 Physical Barron Bare Dry Unique Unforgiving
1.2.2 Emotional Lonesome Frightening Helplessness Hopelessness Rejected Harsh
2 How is it used to create effect in literiture
2.1 Used for people who are outcasts
2.2 creates a sense of hoplessness
2.3 Soarks a feeling that the character has given up
2.4 Used as a place where people find their 'True colours"
3 Stereotypes
3.1 People
3.1.1 Hardened
3.1.2 tough
3.1.3 Bogan like
3.1.4 Lonely
3.1.5 Ferrel
3.1.6 Uneducated
3.1.7 Poor
3.1.8 Dirty
3.1.9 Outcasts
3.1.10 It messes people up
3.2 Landscape
3.2.1 Only the tough can survive
3.2.2 Uncivilised
3.2.3 Every man for himself
3.2.4 Wild
3.2.5 Unforgiving
3.2.6 NO way of getting back to the normal world
4 Examples
4.1 People From the outback
4.1.1 Sleeping dogs Edward Freak 'The sheep's head hangs loosely... Edward jams the knife in' Oliver Different from the rest 'he is no loner, and would call himself lonely' 'The outside heat grips him like something with teeth' he fears the isolation that leaving the farm would bring, the loss of what is familiar to him.
4.2 People coming to the outback
4.2.1 Pricilla
4.2.2 Outback Marriage Dainty French Girl she seemed about the last person in the world to take. quite a neat little home was the result.’
4.2.3 Sleeping Dogs 'Sights like these are what the caravan people come here to see'

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