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Mind Map on using the internet, created by evie Wishwish on 01/11/2018.

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using the internet
1 A navigation toolbar is a section of the screen at the top which shows you exactly were you are.
2 A plug-in module or plug-in software.
3 Unwanted emails can be deleted or spammed.
4 A URL is a Uniform Resource Locator.
5 HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol
6 Www. Mean world wide web.
7 the show you what part of the website you are going to
8 not pictures of pandas, you will want to write in the search engine - animals NOT PANDAS.
9 Wild cars are very useful. If you don’t know the full line of a song or search, you just have to put in the symbol * where the missing word / words would go it does work
10 Browsers are the thing you click on to get to the internet
11 Service providers are the company that provides you with the interne
12 Search engines are when you have got onto the internet
13 If you have ever wanted to find out information about a quote, quote marks are what you put around the quote, they look like this “h”
14 8 point plan
14.1 Is it clear who has writhen the information?
14.1.1 Are the sites aims clear? Does it achieve them? Is it relevant? Is the information true? Is it up date? Is it bias o r fact? Does it provide the correct information?
15 A domain name is a page name like the BBC in
16 They are individual and they are the only one in the internet. They have to be bought.
17 RSS
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