Microcytic, Hypochromic Anemia

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Microcytic, Hypochromic Anemia
1 Thalassemia
1.1 Is characterised by decreased synthesis of the globin chains leading to microcytosis and then microcytic hypochromic anemia
2 Iron Deficiency
2.1 With Iron deficiency, the iron stores ie ferattin have been systematically becoming depleted. As a result serum iron levels become low when the iron stores have been depleted. The amount of transferrin is elevated so that any iron can be bound to the molecule and aid in erythropoiesis.
3 Sideroblastic Anemia
3.1 Some drugs and toxins have the ability to interfere with heme synthesis; an example of such a toxin is lead. Lead inhibits an important enzyme that allows for the incorparation of iron into the heme. As a result, iron is not incorparated and erythropoiesis is altered. Via the RBC becoming hypochromic and microcytic. The RBC themselves show the characteristic of ringed sideroblasts as iron forms granules around the cell due to it not being incorparated.
4 Anemia of Chronic Disease
4.1 When someone has an infection the physiological responses are that iron stops being absorped as well as being transported in the body via the protein transferrin. This is to make sure that pathogens in the body do not utlise iron. Hepcidin is the hormone which is used to inhibit reabsorption of iron as well as transport of it during inflammation Chronic Disease/ infection leads to increased levels of hepcidin meaning decreased levels of serum iron even though the storage facilities (ferratin) are still available. Because Iron is essential for erythropoiesis the blood film would show microcytic, hypochromic Anemia.
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