Topic 4 - The reactivity series mind map

Lina Soudani 9A
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Mind Map on Topic 4 - The reactivity series mind map, created by Lina Soudani 9A on 01/12/2018.

Lina Soudani 9A
Created by Lina Soudani 9A over 1 year ago
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Topic 4 - The reactivity series mind map
1 Lists of metals (sometimes with some carbon or hydrogen)
2 The list tells you all about their reactivities from most reactive to least reactive
3 The more easily a metal atom loses its outer electrons and forms a positive ion, the more reactive it will be.
4 To show which metals are more reactive than others all you do is place little pieces of various metals into dilute hydrochloric acid. The more reactive the metal is, the faster the reaction with the acid will go.
5 Very reactive metals (e.g. magnesium) will fizz vigorously, less reactive metal (e.g. zinc) will bubble a bit, and unreactive metals (e.g. copper) will not react with dilute acids at all .
6 You can show that hydrogen is forming using the burning splint test. The louder the squeaky pop, the more hydrogen has been made in the time period and the more reactive the metal is

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