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Jerome Robbins
1 Born New York 1918
1.1 Grew up in New Jersey
1.2 His elder sister was a dance instructor. With her he experienced the 'Isadora Duncan' Barefoot dancing style. [Grounded, expressive, free movement].
1.3 Robbins died in 1998 ages 79, and in tribute the lights of Broadway were dimmed for a moment on the night of his death.
2 At the age of 18 he attended the 'Gluck-Sandor Dance Centre' and he studied 'New Dance'.
2.1 Martha Graham's technique, especially the use of the Solar Plexis & Contractions, is evident in 'Cool' - West Side Story.
2.2 He also studied Flamenco, which is evident in West Side Story in America & The Dance at the Gym.
2.3 Whilst there, he studied Cecchetti Ballet and expressionist modern dance.
3 In 1940 he joined the 'American Ballet Theatre'
3.1 He became the principle dancer there in 1943
4 He was very interested in psychoanalysis and getting characterisation from dancers. This was evident in the stage production of West Side Story as he used Stanislavsky methods to make the rival between the gangs seem real. E.G. Sharks and Jets were not allowed to communicate backstage!
4.1 Enter text here
4.2 Because of this, he joined the 'Actors Studio' in 1947, which is the year that it was founded.
5 In 1944 he choreographed his first successful ballet, 'Fancy Free', which was about 3 sailers who had come to New York on leave. This is how he met composer Leonard Bernstein, who also composed to score for West Side Story.
6 In 1949 he became the Associate Artistic Director of the NYC Ballet!
7 In 1965 he gained support from the National Endowment of the Arts, and so set up the American Theatre Laboratory to study 'Total Theatre', and a 'poetic' blend of dance, music and acting.

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