Vygotsky's theory of cognitive development

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Vygotsky's theory of cognitive development
1 socially mediated activity - cognitive growth in which children acquire new ways of thinking by interacting with knowledgeable members of society
2 cooperative dialogues - ways in which children interact with more knowledgeable members of society
3 lower mental functions - basic cognitive abilities
4 higher mental functions - sophisticated cognitive abilities that include internal, language-based mental tools
5 Zone of proximal development (ZPD) - Vygotsky's term for an area that is bounded by the level of problem-solving that a child can perform on his/ her own and the level of problem-solving that a child is capable of given the assistance of a competent instructor
6 scaffolding - temporary support while the task is being completed
7 cultural tools - ways of functioning in response to the demands of the culture in which a child is raised
8 social-stage - the stage of development between birth and 3 years when (according to Vygotsky) children uses language to express simple thought and feelings
9 egocentric stage - the stage of development in which (according with Vygotsky) children 3-7 years use external speech to control their actions
10 external speech - the speech produced by a child talking aloud to him/ herself which is used by the child to direct his/ her behaviors
11 inner private speech - the language that is used by a child to talk silently to him/ herself which shows the child can shape and direct thinking
12 outcome-based education (OBE) - a system of education based on the principle that all learners can be successful, that success at one level promotes success at the next level & that schools and teachers control the conditions for learners' success
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