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Mind map of Addie.

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1 Analysis
1.1 Instructional Problem is Clarified
1.1.1 What are the overall goals?
1.1.2 What is the timeline for the project completion?
1.2 Instructional Goals and Objectives are Established.
1.2.1 What are the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors that need to be taught? By the time a student finishes this course, the student should be able to __________________.
1.2.2 What is the amount and level of content needed?
1.3 Identify learning spaces and environment.
1.3.1 What resources are required and available?
1.3.2 What are delivery options?
1.4 Develop Learner Profiles
1.4.1 Who is the audience and their characteristics?
1.4.2 What types of learning constraints exist/
2 Design
2.1 Create an instructional strategy.
2.1.1 What is the learning objective of each unit? What methodology will you use to achieve each objective?
2.1.2 What skills or outcomes are you hoping to achieve?
2.2 Quantify costs of project in terms of development, implementation, evvaluation and effort required.
2.3 Determine program structure, sequence, duration and pace.
2.3.1 Storyboard the design. How will the content and activities be sequenced, presented or reinforced?
2.3.2 Plan and test using prototypes.
2.4 Design online online learning spaces
2.4.1 Program Format What media and resources will you use?
2.4.2 Mode of Delivery
2.4.3 Explore and refine technology options.
2.4.4 Identify network capacity
2.5 Determine assessment instruments
2.5.1 How will you assess the students' understanding of materials?
3 Development
3.1 Create a sample.
3.1.1 Sample.
3.1.2 Pragraph of written instructions
3.1.3 Instructional Stategy
3.2 Develop the course materials.
3.2.1 Content Written How should content be organized? What instructor and student activities should be included?
3.2.2 Graphics designed.
3.2.3 Work to develop or integrate technologies. What media should I use when teaching?
3.2.4 Includes a review session.
3.3 Conduct a run-through.
3.3.1 Real-time rehearsal using all materials
3.3.2 Prepare feedback
3.4 Ensure security, backup and access requirements are met.
3.5 Confirm licensing, copyright & accessbility.
4 Implementation
4.1 Train the instructor
4.1.1 Course Curriculum.
4.1.2 Learhning OUtcomes
4.1.3 Method of Delivery
4.1.4 Testing Procedures
4.2 Prepare the learners.
4.2.1 Teach the tools and knowledge necessary to participate.
4.2.2 In Higher education, verify prerequisites
4.2.3 Tell students when and where class will be and any materials to bring.
4.3 Arrange the Learning Space.
4.3.1 Arrange chairs and room.
4.3.2 Test the multimedia equipment.
5 Evaluation
5.1 Formative
5.1.1 Present at each stage of ADDIE
5.1.2 One to one Test effectiveness of instruction Ask series of questions Clarity Is the message clear and easy to understand? Impact Was it helpful in reaching goals and objectives? Feasibility How practical was it given the time and context?
5.1.3 Small Group Determine effectiveness of one-to-one Monitor activities in a group setting Choose participants that represent learner subgroups Check for clarity/impact/feasibility of each activity Attitude Was it interesting? Was the instructor interesting? Did you understand what you were supposed to learn? Were materials directly related to the objectives/ Sufficient number of exercise? Did the tests measure your knowledge of the objectives? Did you receive sufficient feedback?
5.1.4 Field Trial Real-time rehearsal Setting similar to actual instructional setting Clarity/Impact/Feasibility
5.2 Summative
5.2.1 Purpose is to prove the worth of the instruction Several project variables are calculated as the project progresses Cost Schedule Requirements Risks Go/No Go made at each phase. Reaction Document it with a series of statements I strongly disagree Open-ended questions Learning Post-Test Skill Assessment Behavior Evaluation Measuring transfer of knowledge, skills & attitude to actual performance setting Track in real life setting while using it Results Profits Morale Productivity Job Satisfaction
5.2.2 Test the design and receive feedback from the users
5.3 Collect, interpret and understand data
5.4 Share results.
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