Athabasca Glacier
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Athabasca Glacier
1 Outlet Valley Glacier flowing north-eastwards from the Canadian Ice Fields
2 In Jasper National Park in the Canadian Rockies
3 6 km long and 1 km wide, covering 10 km2
4 Evidence of Retreat
4.1 Pictures
4.1.1 Transverse crevasses caused when glacier flows downhill
4.1.2 Diagonal crevasses caused by friction slowing down the glacier
4.2 Monitoring Data
4.2.1 Glacier retreated 1500 m since middle of 19th century
4.2.2 Rate of retreat has increased: 170m from 1840 to 1906 (66 years) 500m from 1945 to 1992 (47 years)
4.2.3 Terminal Moraine marks the extent of the glacier
4.2.4 Scientists predict that the glacier will be gone in another 300 years
4.3 Amount of meltwater
4.3.1 Sunwapta Lake shows where glacier melted
4.3.2 Channels of meltwater on surface of glacier
5 Causes of Retreat
5.1 Ablation exceeding accumulation over a period of time
5.2 Increasing Temperatures
5.2.1 Natural changes
5.2.2 Global warming
5.2.3 Average temperature rise is about 0.9'C
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