Data Protection Act

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Created by samuel.standing over 6 years ago
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data protection act
Data Protection Act
1 8 principles of the Data Protection Act
1.1 Adequate, Relevant and not excessive
1.1.1 Irrelevant information must not be collected.
1.2 Processed For Limited Purposes
1.2.1 Organisations must only use the data for the specific reasons that was stated when collected.
1.3 Fair and Lawfully Processed
1.3.1 Data subject should be told who will process their information and why. Data should not be used for illegal purposes.
1.4 Not Transferred to Other Countries Without Adequate Protection
1.4.1 Data should nto be transferred to other countries. Unless they have similar levels of data protection as the UK. All data can be transferred in the EU.
1.5 Secure
1.5.1 Data should not be made available to unauthorised users. Includes dat stored on laptops and storage disks.
1.6 Processed in Line With Your Rights
1.6.1 If you change your mind about the organisation using your data it must comply.
1.7 Not Kept For Longer than is Necessary
1.7.1 Data that is no longer needed must be deleted.
1.8 Accurate and up-to-date
1.8.1 Organisations must ensure data is correct and they must change any mistakes.

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