Data Protection Act

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Name 1 principle of the Data Protection Act. The data must be accurate and up to date.
What is an exemption? An organisation that can ignore the DPA and don't need to comply with it.
Name one exemption of the Data Protection Act. When National Security may be at risk.
True or False: The Data Protection Act only applies to Personal Data. True.
What is the minimum fine for breaching the DPA? £5000
What is the maximum fine for breaching the DPA? £500,000
Name 2 benefits of people storing your data. 1. You don't have to remember your own data. 2. You have fast access to your information.
Name 2 drawbacks of people storing your other. 1. The information must be updated regularly or it could be wrong. 2. You need the appropriate security measures to protect the Personal Data you are storing.
What is the Data Subject? The person that the data is about.
What is the Data User? The person or organisation who uses the data.
What is the Data Controller? The person within the organisation that is responsible to make sure the organisation complies with the DPA.
What is the Information Commissioner? The Government department in charge of the DPA.
Give an example of a Data User. Teachers/Employers
Name 2 things the Data Subject is allowed to see. 1. Referance from a previous employer. 2. Absence and Medical records.
Name 2 things the Data Subject is not allowed to see. 1.Data that also contains information on another person 2. Referance from their current employer.
What must happen if an employee no longer works for an organisation? Their data must be deleted.
Name 3 things that may keep data on you. 1. Social Networking sites 2. The police 3. Your place of work or education
What is it called when a Data Subject requests to see the data held on them? Subject Access
What is the legal notice that is issued to an organisation if the Information Commisioner thinks they have breached the DPA? An Enforcement Notice
What is 'The Right to Forget'? It is when the data subject has the right to ask for information about them to be removed.
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