Medieval Japan

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Medieval Japan
1 religion
1.1 zen buddahism
1.2 confuciousism
1.3 freedom of religion was not acceptable until 1854
1.4 polythiestic
2 social structor in the shoganate period
2.1 Shogantate (Emperor)
2.1.1 Dymio & Samuri farmers (peasents) craftsmen merchants hinin (slaves)
3 Shoganate
3.1 Head of the army
3.1.1 until 1854, the army was only from the samuri class Boshido (the way of the warrior) a code of behaviour for the samuri 1868 the samuri class was abolished
3.2 last sogan, in 1868
3.2.1 was the most powerful person until 1868 when the Emperor was restored to power.
4 Art
4.1 origami
4.1.1 delicatly folding paper into models
4.1.2 is now very popular in the western world eg: the paper crane
4.2 calligraphy
4.2.1 painting characters
4.3 printing blocks
4.4 grardens, food and fighting (sumo wrestling) were also considered works of art
5 geography
5.1 a series of islands
5.2 mountainous
5.3 no contact with the western world
5.3.1 Nagasaki was the only place where a few traders were allowed
5.4 used re-forestation at an early stage
6 food & family
6.1 stapel was rice
6.2 ate a lot of fish
6.3 ate little meat
6.4 meals were an important family gathering
6.4.1 elders were respected
6.4.2 women were not as respected as men but still had to be tough
6.4.3 lots of generations lived in the same house
6.5 apperance was important
7 12 century-19 century
7.1 end of medieval Japan
7.1.1 1853 commidor Mathew Perry came from the USA with 3 war ships demanding Japan came out of isolation and traded Japan was threatened with war ships so they had to trade with the est of the world
7.1.2 The shoganate collapsed 1867
7.1.3 the emperor Meji was restored to power
7.1.4 freedom of religion
7.1.5 Based their navy on the British, and their Army on the Germans
7.1.6 modern education and technology
7.1.7 written constitution
7.1.8 national dialect
7.1.9 All land became property of the Emperor
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