•Urban change in the UK - Bristol case study - 2A


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•Urban change in the UK - Bristol case study - 2A
  1. How has the change in bristol created social inequality?
    1. Filwood
      1. Over half the children in the area are in low income
        1. It is in the top 10% of the most socially deprived areas in the country
          1. Despite its proportian off older people being 8% higher than the adverage of Bristol
          2. Stoke Bishop
            1. A difficult suburb to the north west of the city. It includes sheyed park, an area that is home to many millionares
              1. In 2013, only 36% of students got topsg grades including math and english at year 11 GCSE's
                1. Highest levle of car ownershi; in the city is 50% of the popluation.
              2. Temple quaters
                1. Benifits
                  1. Existing builings can be put into different uses
                    1. The land is often disused or in a state of dereiliction.
                      1. The site has already been developed and so it reduces urban sprawl
                      2. Problems
                        1. A brown feild site is more expensive than a greenfeild site
                          1. Contaminated land
                          2. Temple quaters regenaration
                            1. Why did temple quaters needing regeneration?
                              1. It gave a bad impression to vistitors so they redveloped it so it would not look bad for vistitors.
                              2. What were their main aims ?
                                1. <> New bridge crossing - <> Enter prises zone status - <> Inproved access from in and around bristol
                            2. Fact : Bristol arean - Due to open in 2018, Bristol is the largest city in the uk
                              1. Housing
                                1. New houses are going to be built on green field sites because it is cheaper.
                                  1. New houses are being built ( 1200) on land at harrystoke and they plan to build a further 2000 homes.
                                  2. Bristol harbourside
                                    1. Social opportunities
                                      1. This includes an art gallery, media center an art centre a museum and a at-bristol-science exhibition centre
                                        1. Former workshouses and work shops were converted into bars, clubs and night clubs, cultural venues.
                                          1. Each year Bristol harboursides holds a festivil called the 'free three day festivles'.
                                            1. This atracks around 300,000spectators.
                                        2. European Green Capital
                                          1. Bristol is the European Green Capital. In 2015, Bristol became the first UK city to be awarded the status of European green capital....
                                            1. By 2020, Bristol are planning to achieve the following things Increase the rate of renewable energy from 2% in 2012 . Reduce water pollution by improved monitoring and maintenance. Establish and air quality management plan to monitor air pollution. Increase the use of brownfield sites for new businesses and housing. Improve energy efficiency; reduce energy used by 30% and CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020 .
                                            2. During the first year as European Green Capital ...
                                              1. 175 businesses created a green action plan. Major events included an international festival on leadership in green technology and an international competition to develop mobile apps and environment awareness games. The first 100 electric car charging points were installed within the city. Every primary student in Bristol planted a tree to improve the city's green coverage .
                                            3. Opportunities
                                              1. Social
                                                1. The electrification of the rail line to London will reduce the journey time to just 70 minutes
                                                  1. There is a vibrant underground music scene in addition to the usual range of nightclubs and bars
                                                    1. The colston hall has concerts and entertainment by major names in rock, pop, jazz, world and classical music.
                                                      1. Bristol has two professional football teams and a rugby union team
                                                        1. The teams are developing their stadiums to provide a range of leisure, conference facilities and accomodation
                                                          1. Shopping : Over the year shopping has become a leisure activity and Bristol has seen huge changes in its shopping provision. The retail park at cribbs causeway (Out-of-town retail) Affected the broadmead shopping development in the city centre which has now outdated. There are many reason why the development of shopping facilities are important. They developed shopping centres to reduce crime, to improve the environment, to compete with other cities and country and to attract employment so they could get more money. Developments to encourage people to shop at the CBD had included Installing CCTV cameras, to prove a more attractive shopping environment, to develop the open of street shops, to improve public transport and to promote tourism to encourage greater spending.
                                                          2. Economical
                                                            1. Bristol has two professional football teams (Bristol City), (Bristol Rovers) and a rugby union team. Bristol is also considered the headquarters for gloucestershire county cricket. This intern will bring a lot of money towards the city as many people love watching these sports especially football as 4 days ago Bristol played man city 7,890 fans were from bristol supporting their team. Furthermore we know that football has a lot of money in it so that having two clubs will definitely lead to the economy increasing.
                                                              1. There are 50 micro-electronic and silicon businesses in bristol, bristol is home to global companies such as aardman animations and Toshiba.
                                                                1. Factors that attract high tech businesses: A government grant of 100 million to become a super connected city with broadband download speeds at 80 MBPS. Close links between the city council and the university . Educated and skilled workforce . Advanced research. Different industries working collaboratively .A clean and unpolluted environment
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