Advantages and Disadvantages of Aging Population in Japan

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Geography (Population Change) Mind Map on Advantages and Disadvantages of Aging Population in Japan, created by Tash Davison on 06/05/2013.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Aging Population in Japan
1 Disadvantages
1.1 Workforce
1.1.1 The labor force will have shrunk to 5.3 million by the year 2015
1.1.2 Passport control at Tokyo's Airport most of the employees are of pensionable age
1.1.3 Taxi drivers and Shopkeepers are mostly elderly
1.1.4 In 2025 there will be only 2 workers paying taxes to support pensioners
1.1.5 Shortage of Japanese workers has led to 200,000 foreign workers to come and work illegally
1.1.6 Women being encouraged to work and men are being encouraged to work after retirement
1.2 Pensions
1.2.1 Pension reforms made in 2005
1.2.2 Rise in age of retirement
1.2.3 Pensions are predicted to fall unless birth rate increases rapidly
1.3 Health Care
1.3.1 Increasing number of elderly in care homes
1.3.2 Payment for elderly care accounts for half of Japan's health budget
1.3.3 In 2000 a tax for over 40s was introduced for the payment of elderly equipment (e.g wheelchair)
1.3.4 New health insurance scheme for over 75s introduced in 2008 (hurry up and die scheme). Used as an incentive to shorten days in hospital for elderly
1.3.5 There has been an increase in the number of nursing homes but there still aren't enough for the requirement number.
2 Disadvantages
2.1 The Greying Yen
2.1.1 'Grey boom'
2.1.2 More pensioners are spending more on luxury items
2.1.3 Could lead to a growth in the ecomomy
2.2 Technology
2.2.1 Technological explosion
2.2.2 Inspired a ray of gadgets for the elederly Online kettle automatically sends an email to 3 people when switched on Internet linked sensors can be attached to home objects Bathmats Fridges
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