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1 Decision-Making
1.1 Ministerial Conferences
1.1.1 General Council Trade Policy Review Body Dispute Settlement Body Appellate Body Dispute Settlement Panels Dispute Settlement Consultations/Mediation Panel set-up Final Panel Report to parties Final Panel Report to WTO members w/o appeal - DSB adopts report with appeal - Hearing by Appellate Body Submits Appeals Report DSB adopts report Council for Trade in Goods Council for Trade-related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights Council for Trade in Services Trade Negotiations Committee Services Council Financial Services Domestic Regulations GATS rules/specific commitments Committees on Trade and Environment Trade and Development Regional Trade Agreements BOP Restrictions Budget/Finance/Administration
2 Membership/Accession
2.1 160 Members/ 24 observers
2.1.1 Describe trade/economic policies
2.1.2 Memorandum examined by Working Party
2.1.3 Bilateral Negotiations
2.1.4 Accession Package
2.1.5 Approval of GC or MC
2.1.6 Approval of Country's Parliament
3 Functions
3.1 Forum for Trade negotiations
3.2 Administering WTO Trade agreements
3.3 Handling Trade disputes
3.4 Monitoring National trade policies
3.5 Technical assistance, training for developing countries
3.6 Co-operation with other Intl. Organizations
4 Principles
4.1 Non-Discrimination
4.2 Reciprocity/Negotiations
4.3 Predictability - Binding + Transparency
4.4 Promoting Fair Competition
4.5 Encouraging development/ economic reform
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