Spanish Conquistadors

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Spanish Conquistadors
1 Ponce de Leon
1.1 1513; searched for "fountain of youth"; explored Fl, found lots of flowers & named it Florida
1.1.1 motives: getting old, looking to revive w/ the fountain of youth
1.2 Vasco de Balboa
1.2.1 first white eyes to see the Pacific Ocean from the American continent (not panama); he fought the natives & and jungle; proved that there is a Pacific Ocean
1.2.2 Ferdinand Magellan fell out of favor w/ Portugal, went to the enemy and sailed for Spain the first to circle the world (crew was bc Magellan died in the Philippines) destination: spice islands lost 4/5 of boats, took 3 years, went around the tip of South America, Magellan died bc of an argument with locals Hernando Cortez ambitious, cocky, believed he was the highest authority a superior governor grants Cortez permission to explore and then takes it back; Cortez leaves Cuba anyways without permission even though punishment would be death his crew starts to doubt him, he burns the ships and eliminates an option of leaving; go on to glory or die here governor finds out about him leaving and organizes a plot to kill him they find the Aztecs and take over (30,000 Aztecs vs 300 Spaniards) spaniards have extremely high motivation natives are unexperienced with diversity; white people are walking dead, metal armor looks like skin (shiny skin), lots of body hair; ghosts, demons, gods; Cortez realizes and plays on this spaniards pretend to be magic; thunder is loudest thing NA hear; Cortez claims that he can control nature; guns can kill things without touching; their biggest animal was a deer, sees human riding a horse and thinks its a horse/human; spaniards can control animals too ancient aztec ruler claimed he would come back as dead, during same year that Cortez came, out of a tortoise mouth; Aztecs though Cortez was him the mightiest warrior strikes a Spaniard and club breaks against the armor; they are gods battle strategies: aztecs and Spaniards are matched in numbers on a bridge to Tenochtitlan, S put the NA who turned S in the front and S in the back; Spanish built boats; the city is infected with small pox and people are weak; the Aztec Empire collapsing; Emperor Montezuma II of 1519; they took gold and shook the European economy translation from spanish to aztec language is through Cortez's mistress who had a talent for language; she made herself valuable to Cortez Francisco Pizarro 1532; lieutenant of Cortez, gets bored of being rich from Aztec gold, finds Incan Empire Incan Empire in turmoil; Pizarro uses same technique as Cortez imprisons Emperor Atahualpa, knows he will die, promises that he will fill a room with gold; the spanish cheat the incans, incans fill up room and spanish take some out so they are constantly refilling the room; gold is decoration to incans while it is wealth and power for Spaniards Pizarro kills Atahualpa and mines for gold; Spaniards incredibly rich, Incan gold even better than Aztec gold Cabeza de Vaca (head of cow, name from ancestors, a head of a cow was placed on top of a hill for spanish victory shipwrecked looking for the 7 cities of gold, built small ships, landed in Texas 3 men; Cabeza and two others wanders into Spanish village, Natives said the 7 cities aren't real; lost in translation, the gold glow off of 7 cities to 7 cities of gold Hernando de Soto explored Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma buried in Mississippi River after being trapped in Tuscaloosa vicious and cruel to NA; GOLD AT ALL COSTS lots of things in Alabama are named after him which is controversial tricked natives and stole from them then burned the village not a lot of gold in South East, Natives had very little to give to Spanish, Spanish believed that Natives were holding out on them Tuscaloosa is a NA leader; Tuscaloosa named after him; he hears of white devil, traps him, hurts them, releases them Desoto and men get sick very easily and start to die about to die when get to Mi River 2 theories spanish: de Soto died of sickness and received proper Spanish burial in Mi River NA: attacked de Soto and men, killed a few men and de Soto while some got away, de Soto buried face down in Mi River so soul couldn't escape to afterlife truths: de Soto dies near Mississippi River ones who escape leave with gold; leave pigs that go feral quickly; grew tusks and black skin from sun Coronado first white eyes to see the Grand Canyon Juan de Oñate explored and set up New Mexico, brutal towards NA but determined, controversy over whether he was a hero or a monster
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