Chapter 1: The Science of Biology

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Map on main ideas in "Chapter 1: The Science of Biology" of the book Biology by Miller and Levine. Assignment for Biology Honors class. Teacher: Mr. Fisher

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Chapter 1: The Science of Biology
1 Science Methodology
1.1 Make observations. An observation is an "act of noticing and describing events or processes in a careful, orderly way" (Miller and Levine, 2010).
1.2 Ask Questions about the natural world
1.3 Make an inference based on information that is already known. Create a hypothesis, which is "a scientific explanation for a set of observations that an be tested in ways that support or reject it" (Miller and Levine, 2010).
1.4 Design a controlled experiment, which is "an experiment which keeps track of various factors that can change" (Miller and Levine, 2010).
1.5 Collect data by measuring and making records of all observations. Analyze the data.
1.6 Draw conclusions about whether or not your hypothesis was support by your experiment. If something is not supported, make a new hypothesis and test it.
2 Scientific Laws/ Theories
2.1 A scientific theory is "a well-tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations and hypotheses and that enable scientists to make accurate predictions about new situations" (Miller and Levine, 2010).
2.2 A scientific law is is considered more definite and factual. No laws have been disproved by any evidence. All evidence has supported this law.
3 Science and Society
3.1 Satisty curiosity
3.2 Solve everyday problems
3.3 Inform the public
3.4 Address societal issues
3.5 Ethics and morality
3.6 Avoid bias
4 Characteristics of Living Things
4.1 Based on a universal genetic code
4.2 Grow and develop
4.3 Respond to their environment
4.4 Reproduce
4.5 Maintain a stable internal environment
4.6 Obtain and use material and energy
4.7 Made up of cells
4.8 Evolve taken as a group
5 Big Ideas in Biology
5.1 Cellular basis of life
5.2 Information and heredity
5.3 Matter and energy
5.4 Growth, development, and reroduction
5.5 Homeostasis
5.6 Evolution
5.7 Structure and function
5.8 Unity and diversity of life
5.9 Interdependence in nature
5.10 Science as a Way of Knowing
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