Food chains and webs

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Biology Mind Map on Food chains and webs, created by buttsaggington on 06/08/2013.

Created by buttsaggington over 6 years ago
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Food chains and webs
1 All living things need energy. The producer is a plant, and takes it's energy from the sun
1.1 Next is the primary consumer, like a rabbit or a cow (vegetarian)
1.1.1 Then the secondary consumer like a fox, or a human And finally the tertiary consumer, like a owl or a human (obviously not many food chains have these)
2 The position of an animal in a food chain is called it's trophic level
3 A pyramid of numbers is a graph shaped like a pyramid (or sometimes inverted), and it shows the different animals in a food chain
3.1 For example, if it is inverted, then it shows that there is only one (huge) producer, and a lot of secondary/tertiary consumers
4 A pyramid of biomass shows the mass of each producer/consumer
5 There can also be multiple food chains leading off from one producer

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