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Water potential // Bilayers // Membrane proteins // Cell Transport // Ficks law // Plasma membranes - AS Biology Unit 1 flashcards - AQA

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Question Answer
The Bilayer is made of: Phospholipids
Term used for membrane surrounding the cell: Cell-Surface Membrane
Term used for membrane surrounding an organelle: Plasma Membrane
Term used for a double membrane: Envelope
Carriers and Channels are made of: Proteins
A different in concentration is also known as a: Gradient
Equation for Ficks Law: 920bd937-34eb-4f89-bdae-7f4877e00d10.jpg (image/jpg)
Definition of Water Potential: A measure of the ability of water to move
Maximum water potential: 0 KPa
Is Facilitated diffusion passive and why? Yes - because it goes down the concentration gradient
Is active transport passive and why? No - It requires energy in the form of ATP because it goes against the concentration gradient
Properties of molecules transported across bilayer: Non-Polar / Lipid Soulable
Role of Glycoproteins: Cell Recognition
In terms of water potential, describe the direction of movement of water: High water potential to a low water potenial
Process by which water moves: Osmosis
What do Carrier proteins do during active transport: Change shape
What does the term 'net' mean: Overall
Function of plasma membranes: Control and Transport of substances