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1 North-west of Alps
2 15km from Swiss/Italian border
3 Centre for tourism - 250 years
3.1 Tourist spend money = increasing economy
3.1.1 Before - lower slopes used for farming
3.1.2 hotels/restaurants/resort shops
3.1.3 Extra income (tax) - local people public transport/health care
3.2 High demand for services in Summer without snow
3.2.1 walkers/sight seers
3.3 Employment - young residents = don't need to migrate to urban areas after education
3.3.1 engineers - needed to ensure equipment like ski-lifts work
3.4 Tourist-oriented shops = too expensive for residents
3.4.1 expensive houses - some second homes for wealthy visitors
3.5 Decline in local crafts/skills
3.6 Large amounts of water/energy to keep Alpine resorts running/artificial snow
3.6.1 millions of gallons of water = maintain icy surface for Olympic Bobsleigh run in La Plagne
3.7 Cleared forests for tourist accomodation/ski slope = soil erosion/changes in water cycle
3.8 Vegetation damaged by skiing = scars of bare earth in summer = ruins landscape for tourists
3.8.1 Eroded mountain footpaths from walking/mountain biking
3.9 Building of access roads/infrastructure destroys Alpine vegetation
3.9.1 Pollution from vehicles trapped in Alpine valleys affecting villages/damaging trees
3.10 Noise/Congestion - jammed narrow roads
3.11 Conflicts between tourists/ residents
3.11.1 dropping litter harms their animals
3.12 Managing Tourism
3.12.1 Belle Plagne New buildings = natural materials e.g. wood Traditional styles = attract visitors Underground parking = traffic-free -- ski to door Located above tree-line = no need to cut trees for ski runs


  • Tree-line = height at which most trees grow Avalanche fences = protect lives/buildings La Plagne = part of Vanoise National Park - promotes conservation
3.12.2 Free public transport
3.12.3 Espace-Mont-Blanc – joint project between France, Italy, Switzerland
3.12.4 Local farming encouraged
3.12.5 Education about glacier & environment
4 Pistes - flattened snow
4.1 dangerous
5 Montenvers railway - takes visitors to Mer de Glace
6 Population = 10 000
6.1 Summer = 100 000
6.1.1 rock climbing
6.1.2 rafting
6.1.3 bike tracks
6.2 Winter = 60 000
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