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1 MOs & Diseases


  • MOs include things like bacteria, viruses and fungi. Some of them cause infections diseases.
1.1 Symptoms caused by cell damage or toxins.


  •  All MOs damage the body in one way or another by damaging the body's cells.
  • Some MOs damage cells directly  by causing instant painful swelling.
  • Others may release toxins to damage the holding cells so they can invade the body more deeply to cause poisoning. 
1.2 MOs reproduce quickly inside the human body.


  • Bacteria reproduces very quickly in side the human body because of the great living conditions. 
  •  Bacteria's need a source of nutrients, warmth and moisture conditions so their chemical reactions can take place.
  • In the human body bacteria can find many of the cells it needs to create a virus. All it takes is a few bacteria's to start a large colony.
1.3 Equation of MOs growth
2 Immune System
3 Vaccination
4 Antimicrobials
5 Drug Trials
6 Circulatory System
7 Heart rate & Blood pressure
8 Heart Disease
9 Homeostasis
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