The Great Leap Forward (1958-62)


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The Great Leap Forward (1958-62)
  1. Communes (Social)
    1. 750,000 collectives brought into 70,000 communes
      1. competition communes-officials lied about figures they had produced. Government took percent output, no food left
        1. 10x sizes of collectives
        2. Backyard steel (industry)
          1. Stopped people farming
            1. Poor quality
            2. Conspiracy of silence (social)
              1. People to afraid to criticise because of anti-rightist campaign
                1. Lushan conference (1959), Peng Deuai criticised method and was punished and kicked out of party.
                2. Propaganda (social)
                  1. "Reach for the stars and the moon" - overtake capitalist countries.
                    1. enforced mass mobilisation
                      1. People shouted slogans to the workers in the farms
                      2. Self-reliance (social)
                        1. Mao fell out with USSR
                          1. Wanted China to be independent
                          2. Famine (social/farming)
                            1. 45 million died
                              1. quarter of Tibets people died
                                1. people given 125g of grain a day - not enough
                                2. Poor farming methods (farming)
                                  1. Sparrowcide, killed sparrows to stop eating grain but sparrows weren't there to kill worms and bugs
                                    1. Bad weather - droughts 1959/1960 reduced to 144 million bones
                                      1. Lysenkoism
                                        1. deep planting, close together turned out spindly -wrong method
                                      2. Family life (social)
                                        1. Communes everyone put together with canteens and dorms to sleep in
                                          1. Families didn't see each other
                                            1. Elderlys in "happy homes" and babies in nurseries
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