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Certification Site Users
1 Certification Candidates
1.1 Looking For Information about
1.1.1 What's on the Test Exam Codes Exam Objectives How long you can take test Languages How many questions Test Format Certification Lifespan Passing Score / How tested is scored Version History How test Works for people with Disbilities
1.1.2 Exam Pricing Discounted Vouchers
1.1.3 Exam Prep / Training Practice Questions Training Materials / Books Class Training Where How E-learning Options Certmaster Practice Exams Reviews
1.1.4 Career Planning Tools Career Roadmap Companies That Hire Resumes Tools
1.1.5 How long process take
1.1.6 Which Certification is right for you Specific Jobs Career Roadmap Benefits of Certiication Tech Requirements Work Experience / Education Experience Requirements
1.1.7 What certification we offer
1.1.8 Certmaster System Requirements Price Access Trial What exams we have this for Platforms Available on Mobile Client / how it works General Support Resetting Password what's the Value See Certmaster in Action
1.1.9 How to get Started
1.1.10 Scheduling a Test Where Enter text here Retakes
1.1.11 How Test Is Build / Exam Development SMEs
1.1.12 What is a a voucher
1.1.13 Success Stories Testimonials
1.1.14 Retake Policy
1.1.15 News & Updates
1.1.16 Contact Information ** Leave Feedback
1.1.17 New Certs Coming up
1.1.18 Exam Policies
1.1.19 College Credit
1.1.20 Performance Based Testing
1.1.21 News & Updates / Stating Current SIgnup for Newsletter
1.2 Get Help
1.2.1 Financial Help
1.3 Purchase
1.3.1 Vouchers Volume Discounts
1.3.2 Certmaster Volume
1.3.3 Training
1.3.4 Books
1.4 Login to Certmaster
1.5 How to Promote / Share you certification
2 Certification Holders
2.1 Manage
2.1.1 Certifications
2.1.2 General Information / Profile Password
2.1.3 Get Certificate
2.1.4 Create a Transcripts
2.1.5 CEU Credits
2.1.6 Order a Cert Kit
2.2 Looking For Info about
2.2.1 Renewing Cert Status / CEUs How it works Cost / Fees How Frequently you have to do it. Ways to Earns CEUs
2.2.2 Actual Jobs
2.2.3 Career Paths
2.2.4 More Certifications
2.3 Can Network with Other Certified Holders
2.4 Send Certification Status to Employer
2.5 View Certification History
2.6 Login to Certmaster
3 Employers
3.1 Looking for information
3.1.1 Certifying Employees
3.1.2 Certified Employees
3.1.3 Validate Candidates Cert Status
3.1.4 Benefits of Certified Staff
3.1.5 CompTIA Membership Discounts
3.1.6 How to become a CompTIA Members
4 Trainers
4.1 Looking For Info about
4.1.1 How to Become Partner
4.1.2 Certmaster
4.2 Classroom Tools
4.3 How to be Listed on site
5 SMEs
5.1 Sign up to become one
5.2 View Workshop Dates
5.3 How to Beome SME
6 Government
6.1 Looking for Renewals
6.2 CE Tokens
6.3 DOD Requirements
7 Faiiled Candidates
8 Veterans
8.1 Special Benefits
8.2 Soft Skills Development
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