Organ Donation

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Organ Donation
  1. Importance
    1. People in need of organ transplants will receive these organs from donors
      1. Organs cannot be synthesized (yet), so the only way to receive ad organ is from a donor
        1. There is always a a greater amount of organs needed than organs donated; many people don't get an organ transplant they need
        2. Issues of organ donation
          1. Religious beliefs
            1. Some religions don't allow the removal of organs from the deceased person
              1. Many religions are changing their views on organ donation, favouring it or favouring the right of the individual's choice
                1. There is a debate over the criteria of brain death in some religions
                2. Commercialization
                  1. Arguments for
                    1. Significant increase in organs for transplant, decrease in waiting lists and
                      1. Financially unstable people can receive compensation for donating
                        1. Eliminates the black market
                        2. Arguments against
                          1. Organ farming/theft
                            1. More people exposed to risk of procedures
                              1. Religious backlash
                                1. The rich can afford organs, the poor cannot
                              2. Age of recipients
                                1. Should age play a part in who receives a donated organ first?
                              3. Innovation
                                1. Swedish scientists successfully implanted a synthetic windpipe in a patient
                                  1. Artificial kidneys in the near future - portable dialysis machines
                                    1. Synthetic organs becoming a near reality - artificial kidney recently grown in a lab
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