Tourism in Costa Rica

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Tourism in Costa Rica
1 Profile
1.1 4.7 million
1.2 GDP- $49.62 billion
1.3 Central America
1.4 HDI- 0.763
1.5 Languages- Spanish, English
1.6 Capitol- San Jose
1.7 Main Exports- Coffee, bananas, sugar, textiles, electricity
1.8 95% of country is literate
1.9 First nation in the world to voluntariiy abolish their army-1949
2 Aims
2.1 Preserve the attractions and flora and fauna
2.2 Educate the locals and tourists about preserving the environment
2.3 Improve the quality of life of Costa Rican people
2.4 Integrate Costa Rican culture into the tourist experience
2.5 To become a Carbon neutral tourist destination
2.6 To promote eco-tourism and sustainable tourism
3 Background
3.1 1.5 million tourists per year
3.2 National Park system- 25% of country
3.3 Flora and Fauna- 5% of world's biodiversity(country only 1% of world's land mass) ECOTOURISM
3.4 Exploration- 1930
4 Economic Activity
4.1 Not dependent on remittances- only 2% of GDP
4.2 $15.1 billion in debt- 89th country
4.3 $17.56 billion in imports- 82th country
4.4 $11.66 billion in exports- 91th country
4.5 Population below poverty line- 24.8%
4.6 Unemployment Rate- 7.9%
5 Problems
5.1 Development of tourism facilities harms vegetation and wildlife
5.2 Tourism revenue occurs outside of Tortuguero, making entrepreneurship and development of local economy difficult in this area
5.3 Poor communication between locals and tourists can lead to annimosity
5.4 Disagreements on how to spend tourist revenue negatiively affects environmental and social issues
5.5 Increase in drug use and prostitution due to tourism development
5.6 Distrust between local people
6 Strategies
6.1 Naming coastal areas National Parks in order to protect CR's wildlife and biodiversity
6.2 Naming certain tourist attractions private property with a visiting fee
6.3 Offering financial incentives to reforestation and forest protection
6.4 Controling visitor numbers
6.5 Involving local residents in management and operation of tourism
6.6 Educating locals and tourists on sustaining the environment
6.7 Raising fees to generate more income- which is then used to rehabilitate the environment
7 Benefits
7.1 Tourism is the 3rd largest source of income in CR- income=$136 million
7.2 Tourism industry is a major source of employment for Costa Ricans
7.3 Tourism improves local education, medical care, infrastructures, and female empowerment
7.4 Tourism damage forces the establishment of new National Parks to protect coastal regions
7.5 Environmental awareness is becoming a priority
7.6 Sustainable tourism and eco-tourism are promoted
7.7 Support given to local culture- due to tourism
7.8 Increase in foreign exchange, which leads to economic benefit
7.9 Government becomes more involved with the community
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