Hitler and the Nazi Party (1919-23)


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What year did Hitler join the DAP? 1919
What year did Hitler become second in command of the DAP? 1920
When did the DAP change its name to the NSDAP (Nazi)? 1920
What year did Hitler take control of the NSDAP? 1921
How did the number of Nazi's grow between 1920 and 1924? Exponentially
What was the role of the SA? A Nazi private army to fight Communists
What type of people did the SA employ? Unemployed ex-soldiers
Who did Hitler put in charge of the SA? Ernst Rohm
List four Nazi policies. 1) Treaty of Versailles must be scrapped 2)Germany had to expand into other countries 3)No German citizenship for Jews 4)Fight the Bolshevik menace
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