Mind Mapping

April Sauline
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April Sauline
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Mind Map on Mind Mapping, created by April Sauline on 06/12/2013.

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Mind Mapping


  • Created by APril Sauline for EDTC605_LT6
  1. Ideas for Implementation
    1. Give students a list of words they are required to use in some way
      1. Mapping Character relationships
        1. Explore Themes in a given text
          1. Outline writing assignments or debates
            1. Link or incorporate multiple disciplines or content areas together
            2. Uses
              1. For Brainstorming
                1. Generate ideas for writing assignments
                  1. Collaborate with peers to better analyze material
                  2. For Summarizing
                    1. Use single words to represent concepts
                      1. Incorporate images to stand for big ideas
                        1. Narrow down information to the most important material
                        2. For Researching
                          1. Synthesize discovered information
                            1. Use to outline research paper
                            2. For Presenting
                              1. Use tools like Prezi to flow information
                                1. Demonstrate understanding of most valuable material
                                2. For Studying
                                  1. Helps visual learners to see structure better
                                    1. Synthesizes material
                                    2. For Thinking
                                      1. Seek multiple solutions to complex problems
                                        1. Graphically and visually represent what you already know
                                      2. Tools for Creation
                                        1. Paper and Pencil options
                                          1. Graphic Organizers
                                            1. Thinking Maps
                                              1. Blank Paper
                                              2. Web 2.0 Tools
                                                1. Bubbl.us
                                                  1. Popplet
                                                    1. XMind (Software Download)
                                                      1. WebSpiration (Inspiration Software)
                                                        1. Idea Sketch (App)
                                                          1. ExamTime (Demonstrated here)
                                                            1. ReadWriteThink.org
                                                              1. ClassTools.net
                                                                1. Mind42.com
                                                              2. Examples of ExamTime student work
                                                                1. Vocabulary Flash Cards
                                                                  1. Grammar Quiz


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