How to Create A Mindmap

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This Mind Map outlines how you can easily create your study aid using ExamTime.

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How to Create A Mindmap
1 Break the 'on the page' mentality
1.1 Your brain isn't confined to one page
1.1.1 So your Mind Maps shouldn't be either
2 Don't take sides
2.1 Embrace both sides of your brain
2.1.1 The Creative
2.1.2 The Analytical
3 Use Colour
3.1 Group your ideas and thoughts by using colour
3.1.1 Like this Mind Map!
4 Nobody's Perfect
4.1 Don't focus on perfection
4.2 Tidy up later
4.3 Let your ideas explode!
5 Go Deeper
5.1 Every node on a Mind Map could be its own Mind Map
5.1.1 Use other tools to delve deeper
6 Share it
6.1 When you finish, share it with your Study Buddies
6.1.1 This will help you get a fresh perspective
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