World War Two

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A Summary of WWII

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World War Two
  1. The Beginning
    1. Hitler rises to power
      1. Germany breaks the Treaty of Versaille
      2. The Sides
        1. The Allied Powers
          1. Great Britain
            1. France
              1. Russia
              2. The Axis Powers
                1. Germany
                  1. Italy
                    1. Japan
                      1. Hungary
                        1. Romania
                          1. Slovakia
                            1. Bulgaria
                          2. People in Power
                            1. Germany
                              1. Adolf Hitler
                                1. Italy
                                  1. Benito Mussolini
                                    1. Japan
                                      1. Emperor Hirohito
                                      2. Important battles
                                        1. Allied wins
                                          1. Axis wins
                                            1. The Battle of Crete
                                          2. The Ending
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