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Prepositions Showing Direction


Mind Map on Prepositions Showing Direction, created by Kim Pruitt on 09/21/2014.
Kim Pruitt
Mind Map by Kim Pruitt, updated more than 1 year ago
Kim Pruitt
Created by Kim Pruitt almost 8 years ago

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Prepositions Showing Direction
  1. to
    1. signifies movement toward a goal.
      1. I walked to the store.
    2. toward
      1. movement in a general direction, without necessarily arriving at a destination
        1. The man drove toward the shopping center.
      2. into
        1. movement toward the interior of a volume
          1. He walked into the woods.
        2. onto
          1. movement toward a surface
            1. I jumped onto the trampoline.
          2. past
            1. signifies moving in a direction so as to pass by
              1. We slowly drove past the accident.
            2. under
              1. signifies something moving from one side to the other by passing below it
                1. The car carefully drove under the falling bridge.
              2. over
                1. signifies someone or something moving across the surface from one side towards the other
                  1. He slid over the home base for a score.
                2. by
                  1. signifies someone or something moving past without stopping
                    1. I walked by the abandoned house.
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